General rental conditions

This contract is strictly personal. It is forbidden to sublet or cede the apartment to third parties in any form. The number of persons that the apartment can sleep must be strictly observed. Any failure to fulfil these conditions will lead to a penalty charge of € 150,00 for every person who stays, even temporarily, over the number of persons indicated above.

The rental fee includes: 
✓ water consumption
✓ the use of furniture and anything else considered furnishings in the rental unit
✓charge for beach umbrellas

The following are not part of the rental fee:
✓taxes payable by the tenant
✓registration charge gas cylinder

There is a deposit of  € 150.00 (or € 200.00 if there are pets) interest free, which will be returned at the and of the rental period unless damage is caused to the apartment. If the cost of the damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, the difference must be paid to the agency, which will collect the money due on behalf of the owner. The tenant must inform the agency of any defects in the apartment and furnishings within 24h of the keys being exchanged. If this does not take place it will be assumed that any defects or problems are the responsibility of the tenant.

The apartment is only available after 4 p.m. At the end of the rental period the apartment must be left in the same conditions in which it was found, and the property properly cleaned and maintained by 10.00 a.m. on the last day of rental. Any breakages or missing objects will be deducted from the deposit. If the apartment needs to be cleaned, the tenant will be charged € 25.00.

The agreed rental charge paid will be subject to Agency fees, which must be paid when the keys are handed over.

The tenant who viewed the apartment at the time of booking declares it to be to their liking. If the apartment has not been viewed, he/she declares that they accept the apartment offered on the signing of this contract and payment of the downpayment.

The Agency, which acts in the name of and on behalf of the owner, will not be held responsible for any interruption in the provision of utilities in the condominium or the impossibility of occupying the building due to force majeure or on the orders of the authorities.

If the tenant decides to terminate the contract, he/she will lose the downpayment and it will be at the agency's discretion to reimburse him only if the apartment is rented to another party. The tenant must communicate the termination via registered letter.

If the tenant does not take possession of the apartment and does not pay the balance by the 2nd day after the rental period begins, the contract is considered automatically terminated, without the need for notice of termination or demand for payment, with the consequent loss of the downpayment (which will be paid to the owner), except as regards compensation for further damages, and with immediate re-possession of the apartment by the owner and/or by the Agency on the owner's behalf.

The tenant promises to observe and ensure that his/her family members and fellow tenants observe condominium regulations. No animals are allowed in the apartment, except by prior agreement with the Agency.

Delivery and return of keys must take place through the Agency or via an agency representative during office hours (9.30/12.30 - 16.00/19.00). If keys are returned before the end of the rental date the fee paid will not be returned.

The parties hereby state that this rental contract is not subject to Law 392/78 art. 26 Let. A and later modifications, both as regards length, rental fee and any related regulations, as it is exclusively a temporary rental contract not related to use for study or work.

The tenant declares that the property will be used exclusively as a holiday home and not for reasons of study or work, as the contract will otherwise be terminated. The tenant declares that he/she has another address of domicile.

Under Art. 23, of the Protection of Data Act, I allow any sensitive or non-sensitive personal data to be used according to the aims and methods detailed in the Act. I also allow this data to be shared, when it is necessary to fulfil legal obligations, norms or EC regulations and to be shared for the purposes of this contractual relationship. I also declare that I have been informed of my rights verbally and in writing and to have received a copy of Article 13 of law n. 675/1996 containing the rights of the interested party.

The Real Estate Pacella send that acceptance of the booking will be considered definitively confirmed only after receipt of deposit / down payment will be followed by the lease.

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